Nallai allai song lyrics in English

Nallai allai song lyrics in English

Vaanil Thedi Nindren
Aazhi Nee Adaindhaai
Aazhi Naan Vizhundhaal
Vaanil Nee Ezhundhaai

Ennai Natchathirakaattil Alayavittaai
Naan Endra Ennam Tholayavittaai
Nallai Allai Nallai Allai Nannilavae Nee Nallai Allai
Nallai Allai Nallai Allai Nalliravae Nee Nallai Allai

Oligalin Thedal Enbadhellaam
Mounaththil Mudigindradhae
Mounaththin Thaedal Enbadhellaam
Gnyanathil Mudigindradhae

Naan Unnai Thedum Velaiyiley
Nee Maegam Soodi Odivittaai
Nallai Allai Nallai Allai Nannilave Nee Nallai Allai
Nallai Allai Nallai Allai Nallirave Nee Nallai Allai

Mugai Mugil Mottendra Nilaigalilae
Muganthoda Kaathirundhaen
Malar Endra Nilai Vittu Poothirundhaai
Manam Kolla Kaathirundhaen

Magarandham Thedi Nugarum Munney
Veyil Kaattil Veezhndhuvittaai
Nallai Allai Nallai Allai Narumpoovey Nee Nallai Allai
Nallai Allai Nallai Allai Mullai Kollai Nee Nallai Allai

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Nallai allai song lyrics in English

Presented The “Nallai allai song lyrics in English” the intensely romantic single from Mani Ratnam’s Katru Veliyidai and set to music by A. R. Rahman that takes your heart on a roller coaster ride. This song is sung by Sathya Prakash and Chinmayi. The lyrics of the song are penned by Vairamuthu. Nallai allai song  directed  and produced by Mani Ratnam and music director is A.R. Rehman.

This is a  very beutifull romantic song starring Karthi Aditi Rao Hydari K.A. P.C. Lalitha Rukmini Vijaykumar Delhi Ganesh Rj Balji.Watch this song full video on youtube and enjoy the music of the song and feel the love. You can read the lyrics of the song. In this article the lyrics Nallai allai song lyrics in English are given above in English language.

Meaning of the word “நல்லை அல்லை (Nallai Allai)” – It means “not fair” நல்லை அல்லை (நன்மை பயக்கவில்லை). It was taken from kurndhogai 47th poem. In the poem, the women sings to moon for her lover who comes on walk by night over days..she just scolds the moon that this is not good…

Kudos to Vairamuthu for writing such lines to educate the new generation about the beauty and richness of Tamil. No better way to promote such things than these wonderful melodies that stay with people for years.

Some interesting details of the song are given below-

Nallai allai song Details : –

Song  :Nallai allai song 

Movie : Kaatru Veliyidai

Music : A. R. Rahman

Singers : Sathya Prakash and Chinmayi

Lyrics  : Vairamuthu

Producer : Mani Rathnam

Director : Mani Ratnam

Nallai allai song lyrics in English ends here, Hope you will like this song and the lyrics of the song are helpfull for you.

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